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HERBAL HARM? New study warns of pot's effects
Marijuana, long touted as a relatively harmless drug by those advocating its legalization, is the subject of a new study that suggests heavy users experience lapses in attention, memory, and learning skills even after the "high" wears off. The study was funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and conducted at McLean Hospital of Belmont, Mass. The researchers-Harrison G. Pope, Jr., chief of the biological psychiatry laboratory at McLean's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research Center, and Deborah Yurgelun-Todd, director of neuropsychology at McLean's Brain Imaging Center-divided 129 undergraduate college men and women into two categories. They defined as "heavy" pot users those who had smoked a median of 29 of the past 30 days; "light"...

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