New Blood for Gene Therapy
Megan Scudellari | May 1, 2011
A promising gene therapy trial, derailed by cancerous side effects in a young patient, is set to reboot with the help of next generation gene-transfer vectors.
Micro Farmers
Cristina Luiggi | May 1, 2011
Dustin Rubenstein discusses how the discovery of amoebas that farm their own food links the development of agriculture with the evolution of social behavior.
Family Affair
Megan Scudellari | Apr 1, 2011
In discovering their shared ancestry, a distantly related animal geneticist and plant pathologist find a common thread in their work on immune receptors.
Fountain of Youth?
Richard P. Grant | Apr 1, 2011
Preston Estep discusses the role that telomeres play in the aging process.
Top 7 From F1000
The Scientist Staff | Apr 1, 2011
A snapshot of the highest-ranked articles from a 30-day period on Faculty of 1000
Taking Shape
Richard P. Grant | Apr 1, 2011
Floral bouquets are the most ephemeral of presents. The puzzle of how flowers get their shape, however, is more enduring. 
PET Guerrilla
Chris Tachibana | Apr 1, 2011
A former Uruguayan antigovernment rebel is developing a revolutionary diagnostic tool for Alzheimer’s disease.
Resistant to Failure
Cristina Luiggi | Mar 1, 2011
A Duke University researcher survives a sticky situation at a federal research institution to make major strides in determining the genetic roots of Staphylococcus aureus antibiotic resistance.
Imprinting Diversity
Cristina Luiggi | Mar 1, 2011
Joachim Messing talks about how genomic imprinting may be a strong driver of diversity.
Character Flaws?
Vanessa Schipani | Mar 1, 2011
Two lizard taxonomists champion the use of Bayesian species delimitation to settle taxonomic debates.