Opinion (old)
Academic Medicine to the Rescue
J. Lynn Rutkowski and Giora Z. Feuerstein | Jun 1, 2008
Full partnerships with industry are spawning a new era of translational medicine.
When Collaborations Compete
Stewart Lyman | May 1, 2008
What to do when you know two scientists are competing with each other, and they don't.
What About Congress?
Michael Stebbins | Apr 1, 2008
Electing a proscience president is only half the battle.
Translational Disconnect
Alan Walton and Frederick Frank | Mar 1, 2008
Bioscience innovation is in crisis. What can we do about it?
How to Teach Research Ethics
C. Neal Stewart, Jr., and J. Lannett Edwards | Feb 1, 2008
Two scientists - neither bioethicists - describe the best course they've ever taught.
Is the US Party Over?
Robert Palazzo | Jan 1, 2008
The country's fading dominance in life sciences research spells trouble for the whole world.
Discrimination in Academia
Frank L. Douglas | Oct 1, 2007
A faculty member and administrator who resigned over conditions at MIT speaks out.
Can YouTube Save the Planet?
Reuben Clements, David Bickford, and David J. Lohman | Sep 1, 2007
Pooling videos can provide instant evidence of global environmental problems.
A New Paradigm for NIH Grants
Nejat Düzgünes, Nejat Düzgünes | Aug 1, 2007
Giving out smaller grants, but for larger periods of time, will fix a system in distress.
The Perils of Industrialization
Andr?s Asz?di | Aug 1, 2007
How the industrialization of academic science has ruined research, and what we can do about it.