Opinion (old)
Can Journalists Help Improve Peer Review?
Andrew Moore | Jun 30, 2007
Reporters and journals should partner to upgrade press releases.
Was Alois Alzheimer Right or Wrong?
Ming Chen | May 31, 2007
Why senile dementia was misclassified as "Alzheimer's disease," and how it confused the field.
How to Boost Agricultural Research
Fuller W. Bazer | Apr 30, 2007
US land-grant universities need a radical rethink of their priorities.
A Portuguese Science Association Reaches Out
Margarida Trindade | Jan 31, 2007
How do you change the public's perception of science in a country where it's not valued?
The Death of the Scientific Paper
Michael Seringhaus and Mark Gerstein | Aug 31, 2006
The scientific manuscript as we know it has outlived its usefulness. Here's how to move forward.
The Need for Biodefense Standards
Scott Jenkins and Joseph Perrone | Jul 31, 2006
Seven questions for the industry to answer as it moves forward
'HeLa' Herself
Terry Sharrer | Jun 30, 2006
Celebrating the woman who gave the world its first immortalized cell line
Time for a Global Science Corps
Harold Varmus | May 31, 2006
Spend a year in a lab in a developing country, and build scientific capacity around the world
Treating Genetic Disease Today
Arnold Munnich | Apr 30, 2006
Why wait until gene therapy and therapeutic cloning are perfected? Conventional treatments hold at least as much promise.
How to Guard Against Image Fraud
Mike Rossner | Feb 28, 2006
The Journal of Cell Biology's image-screening process could have caught part of Woo-Suk Hwang's fraud. The editors encourage other journals to use it.