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Every year since 2008, The Scientist has canvassed the life-science community to find out which newly released products are having the biggest impact on research. After collecting submissions from companies and individuals, we put the new innovations before a carefully selected panel of expert, independent judges. Our judges rank the tools, techniques, methodologies, software, and products according to their potential to foster rapid advances or address specific problems in their respective fields. The 10 products that rate the highest in our judges’ opinions are featured in an article that forms the centerpiece of our December issue. Our goal is to identify those products and services that are poised to revolutionize research and advance scientific knowledge. Check out last year's winners, and stay tuned to The Scientist to see who makes the Top 10 this year!

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2018 Top 10 Innovations
2018 Top 10 Innovations
The Scientist Staff | Nov 30, 2018
Biology happens on many levels, from ecosystems to electron transport chains. These tools may help spur discoveries at all of life's scales.
2017 Top 10 Innovations
2017 Top 10 Innovations
The Scientist Staff | Nov 30, 2017
From single-cell analysis to whole-genome sequencing, this year's best new products shine on many levels.
Top 10 Innovations 2016Top 10 Innovations 2016Top 10 Innovations 2016
Top 10 Innovations 2016
The Scientist Staff | Nov 30, 2016
This year’s list of winners celebrates both large leaps and small (but important) steps in life science technology.