School of Natural Sciences
Institute for Advanced Study
Princeton, NJ.

" The latest Nobel Prize in physics was awarded for pioneering work in experimental investigation of neutrino properties. The fascinating story of how these elusive particles have evolved from theorists’ fancy into experimental reality, and indeed have become some of our best tools in exploring the fundamental physics of the microcosm, has been told in the acceptance speeches of the prize recipients.

M. Schwartz, “The first high-energy neutrino experiment,” Reviews of Modern Physics, 61,527-32, July 1989. (Digital Pathways, Inc., Mountain View, Calif.)

Experimenters have succeeded in showing that hole pairs from the new high-temperature superconductors can tunnel coherently into older superconductors. This is of fundamental importance, since it places constraints on the possible symmetry of the pair wave functions. It is also of considerable practical interest, since one of the main difficulties for...

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