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A Biochemist by Nature
Karen Hopkin | Jan 1, 2008 | 7 min read
Danny Reinberg has broken down everything from transcription factors to chromatin. Then he builds them back up, and the discoveries come.
Stuck on Giardia
Karen Hopkin | Dec 1, 2007 | 7 min read
Heidi Elmendorf's passion for parasitology is matched only by her passion for teaching.
Not Faking It
Karen Hopkin | Nov 1, 2007 | 7 min read
Jack Szostak's pioneering work has already been rewarded with a Lasker Award. Now he has one more big item on his to-do list: Creating artificial life.
Not Flowers, But Flies
Karen Hopkin | Oct 1, 2007 | 7 min read
Gerry Rubin was exposed to the leading lights of molecular biology right from the start of his career. Now he's trying to attract the next generation of leaders to Janelia Farm.
Channeling Neuroscience
Karen Hopkin | Aug 1, 2007 | 7 min read
Elizabeth Jonas was supposed to be a physician. A summer with Rodolfo Llinás changed all that.
Decoding the Brain
Karen Hopkin | Jul 1, 2007 | 7 min read
Joe Tsien went from Shanghai to the cover of , creating the "smart mouse" along the way.
Making Pretty Pictures
Karen Hopkin | Jun 1, 2007 | 7 min read
Sure, the images Kit Pogliano takes of bacterial proteins are breathtaking, but the science is even more so.
The Chromosome Queen
Karen Hopkin | Apr 1, 2007 | 7 min read
Nancy Kleckner, who grew up with molecular genetics, has answered some of the field's most important questions.
Fire Fly
Karen Hopkin | Mar 1, 2007 | 7 min read
UC Berkeley's Mike Levine almost became a physician. Lucky for research, he didn't.
Watching Bacteria Eat
Karen Hopkin | Jan 1, 2007 | 7 min read
Hans Kornberg has spent his career figuring out bacterial metabolism - and has had a very good time doing it.
Physics Meets the Brain
Karen Hopkin | Dec 1, 2006 | 7 min read
How Terry Sejnowski went from a grad student in theoretical physics to computational neuroscience's White Knight.
The Fast Track to Success
Karen Hopkin | Nov 1, 2006 | 7 min read
Laura Landweber was 33 when she received tenure at Princeton. Oxytricha, beware: She's got a lot of science ahead of her.
Singing in the Bird Brain
Karen Hopkin | Oct 1, 2006 | 7 min read
The songbirds studied by Fernando Nottebohm aren't the only ones singing his praises.
Sweet Music
Karen Hopkin | Sep 1, 2006 | 7 min read
Ajit Varki came to the United States to hear 1970's superbands. He stayed to do super glycobiology research.
Stopping the Cycle
Melissa Lee Philips | Aug 1, 2006 | 7 min read
Stefan Kappe's insights into parasite development have already led to a live malaria vaccine for mice.
The Network Within
Melissa Lee Philips | Jul 1, 2006 | 7 min read
Ilya Shmulevich brings creative computation to deciphering gene regulation
How Bacteria Talk
Karen Hopkin | Jun 1, 2006 | 6 min read
It's a good thing "rock star of microbiology" Bonnie Bassler didn't end up studying cancer
Coming Full Cycle
Karen Hopkin | May 1, 2006 | 6 min read
Paul Nurse had trouble getting into graduate school. Twenty five years later, he won the Nobel Prize for his work on the cell cycle.
A Phosphorylation Pioneer
Karen Hopkin | Apr 1, 2006 | 6 min read
Tony Hunter discovered tyrosine kinases because he was lazy - then the fun began
Drunken Drosophila
Karen Hopkin | Mar 1, 2006 | 6 min read
Ulrike Heberlein started out studying fruit fly eyes. So how did she end up inventing the inebriometer?