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Cannibalism: Not That Weird
Cannibalism: Not That Weird
Bill Schutt | Feb 1, 2017
Eating members of your own species might turn the stomach of the average human, but some animal species make a habit of dining on their own.
Moving Past the Myth of a Simple Biological Difference Between the Sexes
Moving Past the Myth of a Simple Biological Difference Between the Sexes
Cordelia Fine | Jan 1, 2017
The public may still believe that male-specific traits, such as high testosterone levels, lead to many of the gender inequalities that exist in society, but science tells a different story.
Book Excerpt from <em>Testosterone Rex</em>
Book Excerpt from Testosterone Rex
Cordelia Fine | Dec 31, 2016
In Chapter 6, “The Hormonal Essence of the T-Rex?” author Cordelia Fine considers the biological dogma that testes, and the powerful hormones they exude, are the root of all sexual inequality.
Is Medicine Ready for Clinical CRISPR?
Is Medicine Ready for Clinical CRISPR?
John Parrington | Dec 1, 2016
Using precision genome editing to treat or prevent human disease may require several leaps of faith.
Book Excerpt from <em>Redesigning Life</em>
Book Excerpt from Redesigning Life
John Parrington | Nov 30, 2016
In Chapter 8, author John Parrington explores the intersection of precision genome editing and stem cell technologies.
Can Science Crack Consciousness?
Can Science Crack Consciousness?
Paul L. Nunez | Nov 1, 2016
Researchers seek to disentangle the complexity of the human mind from a cross-disciplinary perspective, but the phenomenon may be out of the reach of human understanding.
Book Excerpt from <em>The New Science of Consciousness</em>
Book Excerpt from The New Science of Consciousness
Paul L. Nunez | Oct 31, 2016
In Chapter 1, author Paul L. Nunez sets the stage for a scientific exploration of the inky depths of consciousness.
The Narcissistic Scientist
The Narcissistic Scientist
Bruno Lemaitre | Oct 1, 2016
Are leading researchers driven more by the quest for knowledge or the pursuit of fame?
Book Excerpt from <em>An Essay on Science and Narcissism</em>
Book Excerpt from An Essay on Science and Narcissism
Bruno Lemaitre | Sep 30, 2016
In Chapter 3, "Determining Narcissism in Science with Real-Life Examples," author Bruno Lemaitre considers Niels Jerne.
How Art Can Inform Brain Science, and Vice Versa
How Art Can Inform Brain Science, and Vice Versa
Eric Kandel | Sep 1, 2016
Reductionism may be the key to bridging the gap between the humanities and the sciences.