INTEGRA Biosciences – a leading provider of high quality laboratory equipment – supplies a comprehensive range of liquid handling tools that are ideal for sterile cell biology workflows. Each piece of equipment, from electronic pipettes to robotic pipetting systems and media dispensers, has been expertly designed to fit comfortably under a laminar flow hood to reduce the risk of cell culture contamination. Paired with the company’s GripTip pipette tips, which meet the highest sterility requirements thanks to the VIAPURE Statement of Quality, cell biologists can have complete confidence in their cell handling.

Contamination, whether from the environment or from the crossing of cell lines, can have significant consequences for the reliability of results and the validity of scientific conclusions. It is estimated that more than 15 % of cell culture studies are based on misidentified or cross-contaminated cell lines, and the incidences of biological contamination are expected to be even more. INTEGRA has developed its liquid handling solutions with this in mind. This starts with the VIAFILL media dispenser, which is designed to provide non-contact dispensing for the filling of microplates and/or seeding of cells to reduce the risk of contamination. The easy-to-clean and compact design of the company’s electronic pipettes – VIAFLO, VOYAGER, MINI 96, VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 – allows them to be safely used under a laminar flow hood, helping to ensure sterile handling. Combined with Sterile, Filter GripTip pipette tips – which form the perfect seal with each pipette so that they never leak or fall off – this virtually eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and aerosol formation. And to minimize user contact and the risk of human error, you can even pair a VIAFLO or VOYAGER pipette with the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot, offering a completely walkaway solution for cell biology applications.