A New View of Translational Control
Charles Choi( | Dec 4, 2005
The bank note that Dominique Weil used to buy ice cream for her family at the beach this past summer may have traveled a long way.
Profiles of Infection
Douglas Steinberg( | Nov 20, 2005
Potential perils from bioterrorism to bird flu are increasingly pushing proteomics researchers to identify molecules involved in the infection process.
Precision Extinction
Nick Atkinson( | Nov 20, 2005
from the British Isles finally ended.
Neural Oscillations ...Still Make Waves
Karen Heyman( | Nov 6, 2005
When an oscilloscope's audio monitor starts to screech rhythmically in a neurophysiology lab, its waves hint at one of the most puzzling patterns in biology.
The Autism Genetics Quandary
Karen Heyman( | Nov 6, 2005
Although arguments remain over whether autism is genuinely on the rise to the astonishing degree reported in places like California, there is general agreement among scientists that the condition has a genetic basis.
The Flap about FoxP2
The Flap about FoxP2
Jack Lucentini | Oct 23, 2005
Recent results are as puzzling as they are beguiling, dredging up debates about the nature of language and the ability of a single gene to affect it so greatly.
A Nuclear Model of Gene Regulation
Josh Roberts( | Oct 9, 2005
and many since have sought to explain correlations between a gene's physical location and its activity.
Chemical Genomics Collaborations Heat Up
Stephen Pincock( | Sep 25, 2005
The National Institutes of Health has placed the heft of a large academic collaboration, on par in scale with the Human Genome Project, behind a task usually performed by pharmaceutical companies.
Integrin Signaling at a Crossroads
Megan Stephan( | Sep 11, 2005
Integrins serve as the cell's conduit to the outside world, sensing the external environment and passing on instructions: differentiate or not, adhere or move on, live or die.
A Push and a Pull for PARP-1 in Aging
Jack Lucentini( | Aug 1, 2005
Understanding the mechanisms that underlie aging remains a bedeviling problem, but not because of a lack of answers.