DENNIS P. CURRAN: Department of Chemistry University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh

The isolation of C60 was one of the most significant developments of 1990. This short review conveys the current excitement in this new field and heralds future developments not only in chemistry but also in materials science.

J.F. Stoddart, "The third allotropic form of carbon," Angewandte Chemie--International Edition in English, 30, 70-71, January 1991. (University of Birmingham, England)

Synthetic reactions that use microbes as "reagents" have recently become more general and practical. This comprehensive review describes biotransformations conducted by Baker's yeast.

R. Csuk, B.I. Gl„nzer, "Baker's yeast mediated transformations in organic chemistry," Chemical Reviews, 91, 49-97, January/February 1991. (University of Heidelberg, Germany; University of Zurich, Switzerland)

Metal-promoted additions of diethyl zinc to aldehydes are benchmark reactions for the development of new asymmetric synthesis methods. A single enantiomer of a metal promoter can provide either enantiomer of an adduct, depending on...

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