Department of Chemistry
University of Texas, Austin
Austin, Tex.

" " Selective interactions through properly oriented functionalities allow for molecular recognition. The surface properties of this chiral monolayer show strongly temperature-dependent chiral recognition attributable to long range order.

N.G. Harvey, D. Mirajovsky, P.L. Rose, R. Verbiar, E.M. Arnett, “Molecular recognition in chiral monolayers of stearoylserine methyl ester,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 111, 1115-22, 1 February 1989.

" Mechanistic and synthetic studies of organometallic com- pounds can provide insight into olefin metathesis and ZiegelerNatta polymerization. Studies of high oxidation state transitionmetals represent opportunities for living coordinative polymerization systems.

R.H. Grubbs, W. Tumas, “Polymer synthesis and organotransition metal chemistry,” Science, 243,907-15, 17 February 1989.

" Asymmetric phototransformation of non-chiral molecules packing into chiral space groups can be achieved by selective introduction of a guest into a centrosymmetric host. The chiral surface of the...

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