Department of Biology
University of California, SAN Diego
La Jolla, Calif.

" The gene coding for the chemoattractant receptor of Diet Dictyostellium amoebae has been isolated, characterized, and inactivated by antisense RNA The predicted protein product is similar to adrenergic and acetylcholine receptors as well as bovine rhodopsin suggesting that G protein-linked receptors evolved from a common progenitor before the appearance of metazoans.

P.S. Klein, LI. Sun, C.L. Saxe, A.R. Kimmel, R.L Johnson, R.N. Devreotes, "A chemoattractant receptor controls development in Dictyostelium discoideum," Science, 241 (4872), 1467-72, 16 September 1988.

" Binding of specific proteins to short sequences of bases in DNA regulates gene expression. When the trp repressor associates with its operator, the helix-turn-helix structure of this protein binds to the phosphate backbone of deformed DNA.

Z. Otwinowski, R.W Schevitz, R-G. Zhang, C.L Lawson, A. Joachimiak, R.Q. Marmorstein, B.F. Luisi, P.R....

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