November 2023 crossword puzzle
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Stella Zawistowski

8. Like hydra reproduction, usually
9. Bud with a pungent flavor
10. Feature of some chins
11. Pores in a plant's epidermis
12. Cellular recycling process
14. Substance used in electrophoresis
16. Roll of turf
18. Semi-stable colloids
21. Domain once classified with bacteria
22. Follower of "human" or "living"
23. The "A" in AV
24. Greek letter used to characterize mass-to-light ratio


1. Protective clothing for scientists, often
2. Arid biome
3. Fine particles
4. Approximately 55% of a human's total blood volume
5. ELISA, LANA, and others
6. Leaped (up)
7. Basis of some COVID-19 vaccine technology
13. Hawk or coyote, ecologically
15. Viral reproduction by means of a bacterial host
17. Ten-year period
19. Planet whose signature blue-green color comes from methane
20. Orange-plumed blackbird relative
21. Not at home
22. Creosote ___ (plant also known as chaparral)