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1. Variable in a clinical trial, perhaps
4. Output of research 
9. Safety ___ (protective eyewear in the lab)
10. Mature insect stage
11. Exploding star
12. Particle in mass spectrometry
13. Tissue taken in a biopsy, e.g.
15. Period during which the horse genus Harringtonhippus existed 
17. Distress signal at sea
18. Unconfirmed, as a hypothesis
21. Stringed instrument held between the knees
22. ___ tissue (body fat)   
23. Be engulfed by the ocean    
24. Type of population analysis    


1. Breaks down into usable nutrients    
2. Area whose microbiome affects the severity of dandruff    
3. Process in which an embryo leaves the blastula phase    
5. Genus that includes many toxic mushrooms    
6. Fruit of an oak tree    
7. Where Nobel Peace Prizes are awarded    
8. Sucrose, lactose, or maltose    
14. Mixed lettuce salad variety    
16. Like Texas blind salamanders    
17. Neurologist who wrote "Awakenings" and "Seeing Voices"
19. Tidy    
20. Pictures that represent files