February 2024 crossword image
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1. Having no traces of life    
4. Angiosperm's reproductive organ    
8. Invertebrate's eyespot    
9. Insect that produces a gall    
10. Award for a fun and unusual scientific achievement
12. Pulls on    
13. Adjusts to a new environment    
16. Rodent known for its wrinkly pink skin    
18. Catchall survey category    
20. Teeth also known as cuspids    
21. Organisms with offspring    
22. Visibly emotional, in a way    


1. Receptor-activating substance    
2. One who studies the seas    
3. Adjust to a standard, as a centrifuge    
4. Rock formed from rapidly cooling lava    
5. Some reproductive cells    
6. Mental health disorder that may be linked to DNA methylation    
7. Most frequent value in a data set    
11. Name for Mars that comes from the oxidized iron in its soil 
14. Meet the expectations of    
15. Protective gear for scientists or painters    
17. Saponification product    
19. Go fast on foot