"mitochondrial replacement therapy"

Improving Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy
Anna Azvolinsky | Jun 8, 2016
Pronuclear transfer can reduce the risk of transferring defective mitochondria, a study shows.  
Bill Banning Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy Considered
Tanya Lewis | May 19, 2016
The US Senate is reviewing a bill that would extend a ban on so-called three-parent embryos.
First MRT Baby Born
Bob Grant | Sep 28, 2016
Scientists in Mexico achieved the infant’s conception using mitochondrial replacement therapy. 
Opinion: Ethical Considerations of “Three-Parent” Babies
John D. Loike and Nancy Reame | Dec 22, 2016
Mitochondrial replacement therapy raises important societal and ethical concerns, but should be embraced for its utility in preventing disease.
Three-Parent IVF Advances
Anna Azvolinsky | Nov 30, 2016
Differences in the replicative advantages conferred by some mitochondrial DNA haplotypes have implications for mitochondrial replacement therapy, researchers report. 
Details of First Three-Parent IVF Revealed
Bob Grant | Apr 3, 2017
The team that oversaw the first use of mitochondrial replacement therapy that resulted in a live birth has published an account of the procedure.
Britain Set to Become First Country to Approve Three-Parent IVF
Joshua A. Krisch | Dec 15, 2016
Parliament voted to allow mitochondrial replacement therapy last year. This latest decision suggests we may see babies born from the technique in the country in 2017.
Week in Review: June 6–10
Tracy Vence | Jun 10, 2016
“Recording” DNA with CRISPR; selecting edited cells in vivo; toward reducing mitochondrial replacement therapy risk; Homo floresiensis fossils; National Academies outline gene-drive recommendations
U.K. Moves Forward With Three-Parent IVF
Bob Grant | Mar 20, 2017
The country’s fertility regulator has approved the first application to carry out mitochondrial replacement therapy, which uses biological material from two women and one man to create an embryo.
a baby's feet
“Three-Parent” IVF Trialed for Infertility
Shawna Williams | Jan 25, 2019
A company announces the first pregnancy in a study of whether donor mitochondria can boost IVF’s odds of success.

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