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Arthur Kornberg dies
Alison McCook | Oct 28, 2007
Biochemist earned a Nobel for synthesizing DNA in a test tube
Biochemist Arthur Kornberg: A Lifelong Love Affair With Enzymes
Arthur Kornberg | Sep 3, 1989
Kornberg looks back on some of his earliest and most important years as a scientist and his multiple roles of discoverer, teacher, author, and administrator.
Meet the Press, 1967
Meet the Press, 1967
Kerry Grens | Dec 1, 2017
Fifty years ago, Arthur Kornberg announced to reporters that his team had synthesized functional DNA.
Sylvy Kornberg: Biography of a Biochemist
Sylvy Kornberg: Biography of a Biochemist
Diana Kwon | Jun 13, 2017
The Scientist identifies a mystery woman in a historic photo as an accomplished researcher from a family of famous scientists whose experiments on DNA replication contributed to a Nobel prize.
Kornberg wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Juhi Yajnik | Oct 3, 2006
Stanford researcher is honored for his work on the crystallization of RNA Polymerase II
Going Strong at 75
Horace Freeland Judson | Mar 17, 2002
Roger Kornberg, one of Arthur's boys, has a Sydney Brenner story. We all do, but his is more telling than most.
Nobel keeps it in the family
Brendan Maher | Oct 3, 2006
Roger Kornberg of Stanford University presumably got the call from Stockholm at 3am in California. He won a solo Nobel in Chemistry for elucidating the mechanics of transcription via the crystallization of RNA polymerase. He?s the third American life scientist to pull down a Nobel this year and the second to win the prize in his family. Father, Arthur Kornberg won the 1959 prize in Physiology or Medicine for elucidating DNA synthesis.
Gene Splicing Pioneer Dale Kaiser Dies
Gene Splicing Pioneer Dale Kaiser Dies
Ashley Yeager | Jun 29, 2020
Working with a virus that infects bacteria, the Stanford University biochemist and developmental biologist helped to develop a way to stitch DNA together, a discovery that gave rise to genetic engineering.
Biochemistry At Stanford
Laurence Pilgeram | Jun 25, 1995
Your March 20, 1995, article on the Gairdner Foundation Awards [N. Sankaran, page 3], in reference to the award to Arthur Kornberg, states, "he came to Stanford in 1959, where he organized the biochemistry department and chaired it for 10 years." The record needs to be set straight. The biochemistry department at Stanford was founded in 1955-56, with Nobel laureate Edward Tatum as its first chairman. The new faculty of the department consisted of Professors Tatum, J. Murray Luck (founder and e
We Must Try To Bridge The Gap Between Biological And Chemical Sciences
Arthur Kornberg | Jul 24, 1988
Chemical language has great asthetic beauty and links the physical sciences to the biological sciences. Unfortunately, the full use of this language to understand life processes is hindered by a gulf that separates chemistry from biology. This gulf is not nearly as wide as that between the humanities and and sciences, on which C.P. Snow focused attention. Yet, chemistry and biology are two distinctive cultures and the rift between them Is serious, generally unappreciated, and counterproductive.

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