Learn how to design an efficient custom CRISPR screen
Designing CRISPR Screens for Efficient Gene Function Analysis
The Scientist Creative Services Team in collaboration with Twist Bioscience | Dec 3, 2021
Discover tips and tricks to successfully perform custom CRISPR screens.
CRISPR for Genome Engineering in Drosophila
Technique Talk: CRISPR for Genome Engineering in Drosophila
The Scientist Creative Services Team | Nov 30, 2021
Discover how CRISPR is revolutionizing gene editing in a classic genetics research model.
Maximize protein production in yeast with CRISPR editing
Harnessing the Power of Gene Editing for Protein Engineering
Inscripta | Nov 15, 2021
Targeted, genome-wide CRISPR editing in yeast improves protein yield.
Early Successes Make CRISPR-Based Medicine a Possibility
Aparna Nathan | Oct 25, 2021
CRISPR-Cas9’s molecular scissors—thus far limited to the lab bench—may soon find themselves at work directly in the human body.
Introduction to CRISPR Genome Editing
Synthego | Sep 10, 2021
Experience the past, present, and future of CRISPR technology.
Discover technological advances to increase single cell CRISPR screen throughput
Accelerating Discovery with Single Cell CRISPR Screens
10x Genomics | Oct 5, 2021
Researchers combine guide RNA identification and single cell transcriptomic analysis with direct capture technology.
CRISPR Screening 101: Strategies for Target Identification
Synthego | Sep 10, 2021
Learn how researchers use CRISPR-mediated loss-of-function screens in drug discovery.
From Bench to Boardroom
Aparna Nathan | Oct 25, 2021
Taking inspiration from her PhD research, Ana Moreno formed a company where scientists use CRISPR to treat chronic pain
Understand Mechanisms of Cancer Evasion with Multiomic CRISPR Screens
Multiomic Single Cell CRISPR Screens Reveal Cancer Evasion Mechanisms
10x Genomics | Sep 16, 2021
Researchers use Perturb-CITE-seq to perform powerful multiomic pooled CRISPR screens.
How Plate Readers Support CRISPR-Cas9 Applications for Drug Discovery
Sparking Drug Discovery Efficiency with CRISPR-Cas9
Tecan | Aug 26, 2021
The CRISPR-Cas system, supported by advances in plate reader technology, has transformed drug discovery processes.

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