Sino Biological’s new Omicron product line includes recombinant Omicron Spike proteins (RBDS1and S-ECD trimer), monoclonal antibodies recognizing the Omicron Spike protein, and the Omicron pseudovirus assay CRO service. These reagents are critical and urgently needed research tools for scientists and researchers worldwide to understand the impact of the new Omicron mutations on viral transmission as well as therapeutic neutralizing antibody and prophylactic vaccine effectiveness. 

"Sino Biological produced the key spike protein reagents within a record 11-days in Jan 2020 and supported thousands of scientists and researchers in over 70 countries worldwide for their COVID-19 research which led to close to 1000 publications to date" Sino Biological CEO Dr. Jie Zhang stated, "With the state-of-the-art platform technology and expertise accumulated over a decade, in a race against time and the pandemic, we are very pleased to be able to produce the Omicron RBD protein in a new record of 6 days, spike binding antibody in 8 days, the spike-S1, S-ECD trimer proteins and pseudovirus in 10 days. We’ll continue to monitor new mutations, and make sure we make research tools available to scientists as quickly as we possibly can."

Sino Biological produces a comprehensive list of research reagents to support the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic with over 400 protein and antibody reagent products. Sino Biological’s protein and antibody products have also been used to manufacture COVID diagnostic tests.