So They Say

"Our research implies that genes account for some of the differences between male and female brains .... If we accept this concept, we must dismiss the myth that homosexuality is a 'choice' ..."

--UCLA geneticist Eric Vilain, on his team's reported findings of sexuality genes. From Windy City Times.

"The sound is rather like a large jet plane flying 100 feet (30m) above your house in the middle of the night."

--University of Washington physicist John Cramer, trying to explain what the Big Bang sounded like, based on his team's study of cosmic-reverberations of the event. From Al Jazeera.

"It used to be, discover your genetic limits and then work hard to improve .... Now, it's discover your limits, then change your genetics."

--Stanford University Medical Center's JoAnn Dahlkoetter, on news that chemists discovered a designer steroid used by athletes that, until now,...

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