So They Say

"We believe that a defect in [the gene] may make one supersensitive to dopamine, somewhat like being born on cocaine."

--Psychiatrist John Kelsoe, Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System, on his team's discovery of a genetic basis for manic depression. From the San Diego Union-Tribune

"I need your word you are not going to publicize full frontal pictures of this tree."

--Jared Milarch, Champion Tree Project, addressing volunteers who helped him clone Methuselah, the world's oldest (4,768 years) bristle cone pine. The exact location is a closely guarded secret. From The Washington Post

"We never expected it. We expected a molten mass."

--Fred Sack, Ohio State University, on the discovery of Caenorhabditis elegans amidst some shuttle wreckage, about four months after the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated. From The Associated Press

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