So They Say

"Passion, falling in love, and standing up for justice are all perfectly compatible with Asperger syndrome. What most people with AS find difficult is casual chatting--they can't do small talk."

--Cambridge University researcher Simon Baron Cohen discussing his theory that Albert Einstein had AS, a form of autism. From New Scientist

"It's almost as if someone drew a sharp line between old-world primates--including people--and other animals, saying, 'I'll let you clone cattle, mice, sheep, even rabbits and cats, but monkeys and humans require something more.'"

--University of Pittsburgh Medical School researcher Gerald Schatten on chromosomal abnormalities in cloned, high-primate embryos. From Science

"Scientifically, it is one of the most important chocolate samples in the world."

--Cameron McNeil, City University of New York, discussing a 2,600-year-old chunk of chocolate found in a Mayan burial plot. From The New York Times

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