So They Say

"I was a dentist for years, but I never even thought about baby teeth until I looked at my daughter's carefully."

--Sontao Shi, National Institutes of Health, on discovering a new stem cell source--baby teeth. From UPI

"People who don't even know how to spell RNA are able to use this successfully in diverse biological systems!"

--Thomas Cech, head of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, on new genomics technology. From BioIT World Magazine

"We had all these follow-on 'omics claiming it was the new king 'omic and all other 'omics were misguided. That's not true, it all just needs to be integrated."

--CEO Colin Hill, Gene Network Sciences of Ithaca, NY, on systems biology. From Wired

"I don't see genetics as offending the gods. I don't think there are any gods up there."

--DNA codiscoverer James Watson, on why he favors genetically modifying humans....

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