So They Say

"Your statement that we don't need stem cell research because we're doing other stuff is crap."

--James Watson, in response to a bioethicist's comment that stem cell research is just another line of research, as quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Bioinformatics is nothing but good, sound, regular biology appropriately dressed so that it can fit into a computer."

--From a new book, Bioinformatics for Dummies, by Jean-Michel Claverie and Cedric Notredame, published by Wiley Publishing, New York.

"I've actually challenged creationists on the board of education to put the second law of thermodynamics up for a popular referendum in Ohio. I'd gladly vote against it. I hate the second law. It messes up my life--my office is disorganized."

--Steve Rissing, director of the introductory biology program at Ohio State University, as quoted in The Scientist daily news,

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