Ten-Minute Sabbatical

Take a break from the bench to puzzle and peruse.

The Scientist Staff
Oct 31, 2017

Click the puzzle for a full-size versionBY EMILY COX AND HENRY RATHVON

Although labor market conditions almost certainly prevent some graduates who are interested in an academic career from obtaining a faculty position, we find that a substantial share of PhD students lose interest in an academic research career for reasons other than labor market conditions.

—Economists Michael Roach and Henry Sauermann, in a recently published analysis, which found that although 80 percent of US PhD students were interested in pursuing an academic career at the start of their program, 25 percent had lost interest in academia just three years later (PLOS ONE, September 18)



1.     Puzzle that uses the entire alphabet
5.     Elementary particle that may be strange
8.     What gustatory cells help you do
9.     Atomic pile
10.   Relating to the ear or the sense of hearing
12.   Lynx or serval
13.   Gryllidae family member from Disneyland
14.   Hypothetical missing link (hyph.)
17.   Spinneret-guided construction
19.   Brontosaurus in action, per its name
21.   Organs studied by Gabriele Falloppio
22.   Where rays converge
23.   Mach known for sound thinking
24.   Condition treated by alprazolam

1.      Ancient “rose-red” city of Jordan
2.      Cure-all of dubious scientific value
3.      What ergot fungi grow on
4.      Periwinkle by another name
5.      One going on four
6.      Reverer of Quetzalcoatl
7.      Protein in fingernails and hair
11.    Be like a boa
13.    Mandible
15.    Event defying the laws of science
16.    Land of Mendeleev and Popov
18.    Location of the Broca area
20.    Like a kitten’s tongue on your cheek
22.    Vulpes member

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