Ten-Minute Sabbatical

Take a break from the bench to puzzle and peruse.

The Scientist Staff
May 1, 2018

Click the puzzle for a full-size version. Note: The answer grid will include every letter of the alphabet.EMILY COX AND HENRY RATHVON

We’ve been working on it for a long time so to have it read out positively, it’s exciting but also moving. It’s a really underserved patient population and a uniformly fatal disease.

Brenda Cooperstone, Pfizer’s chief development officer for rare disease, talking about late-stage clinical trial success of tafamidis, the firm’s experimental treatment for transthyretic cardiomyopathy (April 2)

We developed a way to computationally find matches between rare disease protein structures and functions and existing drug interactions that can help treat patients with some of these orphan diseases.

—Louisiana State University PhD student Misagh Naderi, in a press release announcing her recently published paper on drug repurposing in npj Systems Biology and Applications (March 13)



LUIZA AUGUSTO1.    Powerful extensors of the knee joint
8.    Out-of-your-head part of the ear
9.    Abalone’s shell lining
10.  Subject of study for
       Jean-François Champollion
11.  Blooms that may be African
12.  Author of Earth in the Balance (2 wds.)
14.  Asa Gray’s field
17.  Grazer in estuaries of Florida
19.  Viscount called “the father of empiricism”
22.  Sort of finger or fossil
23.  #3 on the periodic table
24.  Products of a supersaturated environment

1.   Event of interest to 3 Down
2    Matrix, as of solar cells
3.   Eponym of a seismic scale
4.   Split apart—or stick together
5.   Pony with a piebald coat
6.   Case for a dermatologist
7.   Breed of dairy cow
12. Axilla
13. Producers of gametes
15. What an electron occupies in an atom
16. Taurine or elephantine roar
18. Poison produced biologically
20. Youngster coming through in the clutch?
21. Works as an anesthetic

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