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Jul 15, 2019
The Scientist Staff
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Note: The answer grid will include every letter of the alphabet.
by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon

People have a right to expect healthcare services to be simple and intuitive. And this journey toward creating a more frictionless healthcare experience depends on messages that don’t scare or confuse but connect and empower.

Mark Viden, vice president of brand marketing at Dignity Health, on the importance of effective and responsible marketing in an age of individualized medicine (AdAge, May 13)

For precision medicine research to achieve its goal, all people must believe that there is value in providing information about themselves and their families, and that their participation will translate into equitable distribution of benefits. This requires an ethics of inclusion. . .

—Stanford University medical ethicist Sandra Soo-Jin Lee writing with coauthors about the need to cultivate trust in precision medicine research (Science, 364:941–42, 2019)

1. Site of some experiments on vestibular function
4. Like each case in personalized medicine
8. Word before limb or orchid
10. Insect in its adult stage
11. Type of cranial nerve
12. Curative treatment
13. DNA testing results
17 . How “test-tube babies” are fertilized (2 wds.)
19. Croatian-born pioneer in alternating current
21. Crown + neck + roots
22. Timekeeper using a gnomon
23. Knee jerk or eye blink
24. Doctorspeak or technobabble


1. What can make liquid flow uphill
2. Fungus studied by Pasteur
3. Uto-___ language family
5. Unwanted signal; irrelevant data
6. Radiation powerhouses amid galaxies
7. Name lender, as Kelvin or Hertz
9 . Unpredictable changes, as in DNA
13 . Emit, as light or heat (2 wds.)
14. Annual raised by the Maya and Incas
15. When weasels may turn white
16. Funny George who said, “Electricity is really just organized lightning”
18. Largest alpine lake in North America
20. What bullet ants do quite impressively

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Researchers strive to make individualized medicine a reality


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