Ten Minute Sabbatical
Ten Minute Sabbatical

Ten Minute Sabbatical

Take a break from the bench to puzzle and peruse.

The Scientist Staff
Nov 1, 2019
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Note: The answer grid will include every letter of the alphabet.
by emily cox and henry Rathvon

I would like to have eyes on the deep ocean when hurricanes come by, that would be great to know.

Rut Pedrosa Pàmies, marine biogeochemist and coauthor of a recently published study that suggested that hurricanes alter the ocean’s “biological pump” by increasing the export of organic materials from the surface to greater depths (Wired, October 4) 

Our ocean cleanup system is now finally catching plastic, from one-ton ghost nets to tiny microplastics! Also, anyone missing a wheel?

—A tweet from Boyan Slat, CEO and founder of The Ocean Cleanup project, a nonprofit that launched a 600-meter-long device designed to collect refuse from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (October 2)  


1. Ancient Greek who believed in atoms and promoted ataraxia—a life free of worry
8. One of three figures in a Douglas Hofstadter book
9. Like an animal affected by a lyssavirus
10. Immune response trigger
12. Study pursued by Davy, Bunsen, and the Curies
14. Chimpanzee, gorilla, or gibbon
15. Eye; planet
16. Touch-me-not’s genus
19. Arthropod’s posterior section
20. Archaeological site in Jordan called the “Rose City”
22. Articulation of the femur and the tibia
23. Chili pepper with a tilde in its name


1. Containing element #26
2. Offshoot from a trunk
3. The four “mathematical arts” in medieval studies
4. Organism resulting from DNA replication errors
5. What’s processed in Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas
6. Matter of probability
11. Amino acid much debated at Thanksgiving
13. Stuck like a bug in amber
15. Ha Ha Tonka State Park’s highland region
17. Folivores partial to bamboo
18. Dugong or manatee (2 wds.)
21. Jurassic theropod, familiarly (2 wds.)

The Ocean Cleanup