Ten Minute Sabbatical
Ten Minute Sabbatical

Ten Minute Sabbatical

Take a break from the bench to puzzle and peruse.

The Scientist Staff
Jan 13, 2020
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Note: The answer grid will include every letter of the alphabet.

I certainly hope that over the coming decade we see an increasing global effort to put in place appropriate regulations for using genome editing, especially in applications that could have a very profound impact on everyone.

Jennifer Doudna, University of California, Berkeley, biologist and seminal figure in the development of CRISPR genome editing, talking to Fortune about genomics in the 2020s (December 19)

Perhaps an obvious response to these findings is to encourage women to act more like men and be more positive; . . . this ‘fix the women’ approach lacks an understanding of the current evidence base on gender equity. We must fix the systems that support gender disparities.

Reshma Jagsi of the University of Michigan and Julie Silver of Harvard Medical School, in a commentary published alongside a BMJ study reporting that male researchers were far more likely than female researchers to describe their studies using superlatives such as “novel” and “unique” (December 16)


1. Mammal with a prehensile nose trunk
4. Young of pens and cobs
8. Eponym of an environmental society
9. Watery swelling of plant organs
10. Eurasian kinglet with a bright yellow crown
12. Psi phenomenon
13. Upper parts of horticultural grafts
15. Trade name of the antacid ranitidine
18. POTUS who gave NASA a mandate
19. Genus of parasitoid wasps
21. Secretion of epithelial cells in some molluscs
22. Redwood conifer of the Northwest US
24. Latin adjective humans apply to humans
25. Crow, or Fox


1. Lachrymatory agent (2 wds.)
2. Part of an organ not in one’s body
3. One of the primary veins of a leaf
4. The opposite of 16-Down
5. Big German breed of domestic dog
(2 wds.)
6. Item tabled by Mendeleev
7. Denser, darker, deader kin of a marsh
11. Arthropod that never has exactly 100 legs
14. Mushroom named for its top (2 wds.)
16. Shaped like the inside of a bowl
17. Proposition to be proved
18. God depicted with two opposite faces
20. Native New Zealander
23. Chewable stimulant of Arabia

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