Ten Minute Sabbatical
Ten Minute Sabbatical

Ten Minute Sabbatical

Take a break from the bench to puzzle and peruse.

The Scientist Staff
Mar 1, 2020
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Note: The answer grid will include every letter of the alphabet.

It is completely illogical to place someone who has promoted actions contrary to scientific consensus in a position to manage programs that are essentially of scientific training.

—Evolutionary biologist Antonio Carlos Marques of the University of São Paulo’s Institute of Biosciences reacting to the news that Brazil has appointed Benedito Guimarães Aguiar Neto, an electrical engineer who previously served as the rector of a private religious school and is believed to hold creationist views on evolution, to head the country’s agency that oversees graduate study programs (Science, January 26)

Neglected diseases like diarrheal illnesses, tuberculosis, malaria, and pneumonia kill thousands of people every day. But because they have been doing so for decades, they simply don’t catalyze the same urgency we see in the face of a novel, fast-moving outbreak.

Nick Chapman, CEO of Policy Cures Research, writing in STAT about the need to remained focused on a variety of problematic diseases as the coronavirus epidemic continues to make headlines (February 4)


1. Relating to monkeys and apes
4. Hardest part of being human?
8. Summer Triangle star with Altair and Vega
9. Spiral cavity in the bony labyrinth
10. Dendrochronology marker (2 wds.)
11. Unit derived from the Latin for “twelfth”
14. Notable March event (2 wds.)
16. Organ of the integumentary system
17. Like the gardens of Xochimilco
20. Didactyl, as certain sloths (hyph.)
21. Eggs and sperm of aquatic animals
22. Testable scientific explanation
23. Groupers in a group, say


1. Anxiolytic medications
2. Human : scabies :: canine : ___
3. Living among limbs
5. What a chemist keeps in a cellar?
6. Albino’s shortage
7. Where a poet’s livestock may graze
9. Changed from a fluid to a solid state
12. Like the cells in a beehive
13. 56-million-year period when conifers flourished
15. Subterranean plant stem
18. Insect in its adult stage
19. Niels who said, “You’re not thinking; you’re just being logical.”
20. Mummified discovery of 1922, for short

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