Ten Minute Sabbatical
Ten Minute Sabbatical

Ten Minute Sabbatical

Take a break from the bench to puzzle and peruse.

The Scientist Staff
Apr 1, 2020
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Note: The answer grid will include every letter of the alphabet.

We’re going to have to figure out what our American approach is to this and how we’re going to take more aggressive mitigation steps. We’re losing a pretty narrow window to step in.

Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration, addressing the country’s response to the mounting COVID-19 epidemic during his keynote speech at the Miami Breast Cancer Conference (March 7)

Examples of the stereotypes we observed included perceptions that African Americans were less knowledgeable about cancer research studies, less likely to participate due to altruism, or simply less likely to complete all facets of the research study. These and other examples of bias based on stereotypes of potential minority participants raise concerns that non-whites may be offered fewer opportunities to participate in cancer research studies.

—University of Alabama at Birmingham researcher Soumya Niranjan in a press release announcing a Cancer paper she coauthored reporting the results of interviews with cancer center leaders, principal investigators of clinical trials, referring clinicians, and others, to determine if biases can explain the underrepresentation of racial and ethnic minorities in clinical trials (March 9)

1. Titular season in a Rachel Carson book
5. Tribe with the largest US reservation
8. Body studied in limnology
9. Outcome of eccrine and apocrine activity
10. Polysaccharide thickener in many foods (2 wds.)
13. NASA project between Mercury and Apollo
15. Organ or device for detecting impulses
16. Potentilla by another name
19. Physics Nobel winner of 1921
21. Quahog, for one
22. Early casualty of one-man flight?
23. Emu, rhea, or kiwi


2. Brain membrane (2 wds.)
3. Like some gaseous elements
4. Developmental period
5. Bill who wrote Everything All at Once
6. Essential micronutrient
7. Founder of analytical psychology
11. Bunsen’s sort of implement (2 wds.)
12. Adjective for an alpha male
14. Companion of a canine
17. Side of a sapphire, say
18. About 97 percent of a modern penny
20. Asteroid, parrot genus, or dawn goddess

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