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Training Immune Cells to Be Cancer Killers
Aparna Nathan | Nov 12, 2021
A career-altering experience as a cancer patient motivated one researcher to design more potent immunotherapies.
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Can mRNA Vaccine Momentum Propel Tumor Immunotherapies?
Aparna Nathan | Nov 12, 2021
A guide to mRNA-based cancer vaccines and where they’re headed next
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Precision Medicine Turns to Proteins for Lung Cancer Targets
Roni Dengler, PhD | Nov 9, 2021
Probing the protein landscape in lung cancers reveals new therapeutic insights.
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Trapped Inflammatory Molecules Contribute to Long COVID
Roni Dengler, PhD | Nov 9, 2021
Microclots in blood plasma may be behind Long COVID’s chronic symptoms.
Early Successes Make CRISPR-Based Medicine a Possibility
Aparna Nathan | Oct 25, 2021
CRISPR-Cas9’s molecular scissors—thus far limited to the lab bench—may soon find themselves at work directly in the human body.
From Bench to Boardroom
Aparna Nathan | Oct 25, 2021
Taking inspiration from her PhD research, Ana Moreno formed a company where scientists use CRISPR to treat chronic pain
How Lung Cancer Develops in People Who Have Never Smoked
Roni Dengler, PhD | Oct 8, 2021
More and more people who have never smoked tobacco are developing lung cancer. A new genomic analysis revealed that an accumulation of natural mutations led to the disease.
Gut-Brain Axis Development Influences Brain Damage in Extremely Premature Infants
Roni Dengler, PhD | Oct 8, 2021
An overgrowth of bacteria in the gut predicted brain injury in preemies.
A 3-D Tumor Microenvironment for Personalized Immunotherapy
Roni Dengler, PhD | Sep 10, 2021
A new platform enables screening a wide range of combination anticancer therapeutics in a matter of days, which may translate to personalized therapeutic regimens for patients in less time.
A New Model with Fully Functioning Blood Vessels Mimics Brain Cancer
Roni Dengler, PhD | Sep 10, 2021
A newly developed platform may one day replace cell culture and animal models to personalize cancer treatment.
Heating Up CAR T Cells for Cancer Therapy
Roni Dengler, PhD | Sep 10, 2021
Heated gold nanoparticles unleash the therapeutic activity of engineered CAR T cells.
Fecal Transplant Restores Youth to Old Mice
Roni Dengler, PhD | Aug 30, 2021
Microbiota from young mice reversed some aspects of aging and enhanced brain health in aged mice.
Gut Bugs May Help Centenarians Reach Their 100th Birthdays
Roni Dengler, PhD | Aug 30, 2021
Centenarians have distinct microbiomes with species that produce unique bile acids, which may help thwart illness.
Engineered Yeast Robots Destroy Inflammatory Molecules in an IBD Mouse Model
Roni Dengler, PhD | Aug 16, 2021
Scientists added a gene circuit that senses and neutralizes proinflammatory ATP to yeast, taking another step towards precision medicine.
Could a Synthetic Probiotic Replace a Strict Diet for Patients with Phenylketonuria?
Roni Dengler, PhD | Aug 16, 2021
Synthetic biologists introduced an engineered microbe that may lead to new treatment options for phenylketonuria.
A New COVID-19 Spit Test Is as Easy as 1-2-3
Roni Dengler, PhD | Aug 16, 2021
A device smaller than two stacked decks of cards can reliably detect and discriminate between SARS-CoV-2 variants in spit in less than an hour with results that glow.
How to Grow a Mouse Embryo in a Dish
Roni Dengler, PhD | Aug 3, 2021
Researchers are taking the concept of three-dimensional cell culture beyond single organoids to develop embryos from cells.
Mammary tumor organoids undergo a radical shape shift when treated with a microRNA.
Organoid Shape Identifies Potential Cancer Drugs
Roni Dengler, PhD | Aug 3, 2021
An unusual drug screen takes advantage of “porcupine-like” structures of cancer cells in 3D organoids.
AI Helps Predict Winners and Losers in Clinical Trials
Roni Dengler, PhD | Aug 3, 2021
Pradipta Ghosh has plans to revolutionize the drug discovery pipeline.
Undone Proteins Take Out Bladder Cancer
Roni Dengler, PhD | Jul 20, 2021
An unfolded protein found in human milk shows promise in early clinical trials to treat bladder cancer.