The Journey From Features To Compound Identification In Metabolomics: When Will We Get There?

In this eBook, learn about advancements in untargeted metabolomic workflow, including improved standards, guidelines, databases, and more!

Jul 13, 2018
The Scientist Creative Services Team

A relatively new field on the rise, metabolomics is breaking ground identifying metabolites, giving a better understanding of what has happened and is happening within an organism. One roadblock to this research is the bottleneck of untargeted metabolites which all but prevents biological interpretation. However, thanks to a concerted effort among researchers, metabolomics is seeing gains in compound identification through improved reporting standards, better instrumentation, in silico advancements, and data interpretation guidelines.

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• Data Reduction Strategies
• Guidelines for Compound Identification
• Advancement of Databases and Libraries
• Untargeted Metabolomics Workflow
• Problems with Standards • Structural Elucidation Strategies

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