Linked-Reads: Find the Answer to What's Been Missing

Learn more about assembling the genome easily with this poster from The Scientist and 10X Genomics!

Sep 30, 2017
The Scientist Creative Services Team

Organisms and biology are immensely complex, and to truly understand disease mechanisms, heritability, potential diagnoses, and development of therapies, we need access to more genomic information. Linked-Reads constructs long-range information from short-reads to provide access to hidden and inaccessible information. With Linked-Reads, researchers now have the power to resolve ambiguous single nucleotide variants, provide phasing and haplotype information, identify structural variants, and assemble genomes without the need for a reference sequence. 

Download this poster from The Scientist, sponsored by 10X Genomics to learn about linked reads, structural variants, and resolving haplotypes!