Mouse Powered Progress: Producing Humanized Monoclonal Antibodies With Transgenic Mice

Learn about the benefits humanized monoclonal antibodies and how to produce them using transgenic mice with this poster from The Scientist and Trianni, Inc.

The Scientist Creative Services Team
May 31, 2018

Antibodies are a critical feature of the human adaptive immune response. New immunotherapies require the production of selective and non-autoimmunogenic antibodies. These engineered antibodies can convert proteins from a threat recognition agent, into a disease-fighting form. Transgenic mice allow researchers to create “humanized” mice with human equivalents of murine antibody-coding genes. High throughput production of chimeric antibodies with murine-constant regions and human-variable regions has tremendous implications for both research and clinical purposes.

Download this poster from The Scientist, sponsored by Trianni, Inc., to discover the progress towards humanized monoclonal antibodies with transgenic mice!