Programming the Genome: Control at your Fingertips

For Mirus Bio, “Programming the Genome” represents providing researchers with a set of molecular tools to study biological functions for biotechnological applications. Learn how with this poster!

Sep 1, 2018
The Scientist Creative Services Team

Humans have often tried to mimic the functionality of natural, recurring processes. And it just so happens to be that components and the mechanisms of the mammalian cell can be seen rendered in the design of today’s modern computer. Both the cell and computers involve the flow of information and a requirement to be able to store, analyze, manipulate, retrieve, and protect information. With the availability of advanced delivery systems, researchers can now create changes in the biological operating system (i.e., the cell) as easily as a computer programmer can modify code in a computer program. 

Download this poster from Mirus Bio to learn how to manipulate and engineer the cell's natural circuitry to study biological functions for biotechnological applications!