Stars of the Show: The Immune System Plays a Pivotal Role in Tumor Formation, Development, and Metastasis

Learn which immune cells are involved in the body's natural response against cancer along with their mechanisms of action in this poster from The Scientist and Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.

The Scientist Creative Services Team
May 31, 2018

Cancer cells are inherently antigenic, which normally allows immune cells to identify and eliminate them prior to tumor formation. However, cancer cells have developed methods to evade or outpace immune-mediated killing, leading to tumor formation. Understanding this relationship between immune and cancer cells is therefore integral to restoring immune system potency for cancer therapeutics. There are many different immune-cell types involved in cancer cell elimination and tumor formation, each with their own mechanisms of action and defining cellular markers. The stars of this show each have their own stories to tell.

Download this poster from The Scientist, sponsored by Bethyl Laboratories, Inc., to learn  about how researchers can identify and label immune cells involved in the body's natural response against cancer cells!