The Gloved Crusader: Advancing Tip Technology

The Gloved Crusader in The Volume Goes to 11 μL. A tale of tools, techniques, and triumph sponsored by Biotix. 

Jan 31, 2017
The Scientist Creative Services Team

Citizens of Labville, be advised - in the wake of several failed experiments and a rash of inaccurate aliquots, the commissioner of labs has illuminated the Labville SOS signal. 

Longtime residents know that SOS stands for "Save Our 'Speriments" [sic] - and all residents are urged to don their PPE and look to the sky. Just remember that the tools you choose and the techniques you use are critically important for accurate analyses.

Be strong Labville. Your data are counting on you!

Download this poster from The Scientist, sponsored by Biotix to learn more!