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Tuesday, November 10, 2020
12:00 - 1:30 PM, Eastern Time

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Sample quality is key to running successful single cell multiomics experiments. Beginning with nuclei suspensions, the Chromium Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression workflow generates paired RNA-seq and ATAC-seq libraries from the same single cell. By capturing two modalities at once with this new and innovative method, researchers can better characterize complex cell populations and discover gene regulatory interactions driving development and disease. In this webinar brought to you by 10x Genomics, experts will discuss how to successfully prepare nuclei suspensions for Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression experiments.

Topics to be covered

  • Recommended protocols for nuclei isolation from cell lines, cryopreserved cells, and fresh and frozen tissue samples
  • Sample preparation considerations, including cell sorting guidelines, for optimal library quality

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Meet the Speakers:

Sharmila Chatterjee, PhD
10x Genomics

Zuleyma Peralta, PhD
Senior Support Scientist
10x Genomics