Identifying Novel Biocatalyst Candidates via High-throughput Stability Monitoring

NanoTemper Technologies invites you to join them for an educational webinar.

Jul 25, 2018
The Scientist Creative Services Team

Identifying Novel Biocatalyst Candidates via High-throughput Stability Monitoring from thescientistllc on Vimeo.

The stability of enzymatic biocatalysts is of primary importance in the biotechnology, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, but screening for biocatalyst stability has been a long-standing challenge. Native enzymes may not possess the optimal activity required for a specific protein-engineering need, which is why biocatalysts are often modified to withstand different conditions, such as elevated temperatures or the presence of organic co-solvents. In this webinar, sponsored by NanoTemper Technologies, learn about Prometheus, a platform that runs nanoDSF technology and how we are using this system to more efficiently screen biocatalyst candidates by characterizing their stability. We will share how nanoDSF can reveal key information on the stability of these enzymes and assist in more effectively identifying and selecting these target molecules.

Topics to be covered:

  • Identifying and isolating biocatalysts with optimal properties based on their stability
  • Benefits to understanding target molecule stability in selection, optimiziation, and characterization steps
  • Analysis of protein stability using nanoDSF

Meet the Speakers:

Beate Kern, PhD
Product Manager
NanoTemper Technologies

Wolf-Dieter Fessner, PhD
Professor of Organic Chemistry
Technische Universitat
Darmstadt, Germany