Cell Sorting for Single-Cell Applications

Karen Ersland and Rachael Sheridan discuss how flow cytometry contributes to single-cell applications, from cloning to sequencing.

The Scientist Creative Services Team in Collaboration with BD Biosciences
Jul 14, 2021

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Tuesday, August 3, 2021
2:00 - 3:30 PM, Eastern Time

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Flow cytometry has been a cornerstone of single-cell analysis for decades, and serves as a rapid alternative to extracting monoclonal cell populations from polyclonal masses when cloning by limited dilution. As genomic technologies have advanced to include single-cell analyses, new collaborations between sequencing and flow cytometry facilities are on the rise. In this webinar, brought to you by BD Bioscience, Karen Ersland and Rachael Sheridan will discuss how flow cytometry contributes to successful single-cell work, from cloning to bulk- and plate-based sequencing runs.

Topics to be covered

  • Cell sorter set-up and validation
  • Sample preparation and quality control
  • Troubleshooting flow cytometry experiments

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Meet the Speakers:

Karen Ersland, PhD
Scientific Liaison
Research Solutions at BD Biosciences

Rachael Sheridan, PhD
Flow Cytometry Core
Van Andel Institute

September 2021

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