Resolving Cell Subtype Specialization with scRNA-seq and RNAscope

ACD invites you to join them for an educational webinar.

The Scientist Creative Services Team
Feb 13, 2020

Resolving Cell Subtype Specialization with scRNA-seq and RNAscope from thescientistllc on Vimeo.

Discover how a combination of single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) and quantitative RNA in situ hybridization (RNAscope) resolves molecular specialization of cell subtypes. Using scRNA-seq and RNAscope, a team from Stanford defined the molecular and anatomical diversity of adult murine striatum spiny projection neurons (SPNs). In this webinar sponsored by ACD, Ozgun Gokce will describe how the team generated a cell type atlas of the adult murine striatum by developing a novel computational pipeline that distinguishes discrete versus continuous cell identities in scRNA-seq data. He will discuss how SPNs in the striatum can be classified into four discrete types that reside in distinct anatomical clusters or are spatially intermingled. Jyoti Phatak from ACD will highlight the cell subtype resolving power of scRNA-seq and RNAscope.

Topics to be covered

  • Validation and selection of RNA in situ targets
  • The differences between discrete and continuous cell identities and how to distinguish them in scRNA-seq data

Meet the Speakers:

Ozgun Gokce, PhD
Group Leader, Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research (ISD)
LMU Munich

Jyoti Phatak
Associate Scientist
Advanced Cell Diagnostics, a Bio-Techne Brand