addiction, ecology
Down and Dirty
Amy Coombs | Sep 1, 2012
Diverse plant communities create a disease-fighting "soil genotype."
From Plants and Fungi to Clouds
Cristina Luiggi | Aug 31, 2012
Salt compounds produced by plant and fungus species help form organic aerosols that form clouds and produce rain.
Stalking Sharks
Jef Akst | Aug 30, 2012
Researchers monitor the movement of the Pacific’s largest predators and share the information with the world in real time.
Mothers-In-Law and Menopause
Hayley Dunning | Aug 23, 2012
Competition for resources between mothers- and daughters-in-law having children at the same time could have been a driver for the emergence of menopause.
Zoo Virus Swap
Cristina Luiggi | Aug 17, 2012
A polar bear in a German zoo dies after contracting a virus normally found in zebras.
More Mutations in Fukushima Butterflies
Edyta Zielinska | Aug 15, 2012
Researchers have found an increase in butterflies with unusual wing shapes, legs, and antennae than before the nuclear disaster.
Gene Variation within a Tree
Edyta Zielinska | Aug 13, 2012
The root system of a tree species is genetically different than the leaves of that individual, potentially modifying scientists’ understanding of evolution.
Drinking Better Bacteria
Edyta Zielinska | Aug 9, 2012
Researchers analyzing the bacteria in municipal drinking water find simple measures can increase beneficial bacteria while reducing pathogenic strains.
School Teachers Release Invasives
Edyta Zielinska | Aug 9, 2012
As many as 1,000 different non-native organisms used in the classroom are being released into the wild by school teachers.
How Green Are Your Fish?
Edyta Zielinska | Aug 1, 2012
Farmed salmon may have more in common with their more expensive wild-caught counterparts than consumers are led to believe.