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The Specter of Denialism
Nicoli Nattrass | Mar 1, 2012
Conspiracy theories surrounding the global HIV/AIDS epidemic have cost thousands of lives. But science is fighting back.
Climate Conflict of Interest?
Megan Scudellari | Feb 24, 2012
Greenpeace flags researchers' payments from a climate change skeptic organization.
Opinion: Good, But Not Good Enough
Umberto Galderisi | Feb 22, 2012
Funding only outstanding researchers is increasing the gap between good and great labs and forcing some out of science in search of a bigger paycheck.
Building Flowers
Building Flowers
Jef Akst | Feb 16, 2012
An architecture graduate constructs intricate botanical illustrations using the computer graphics programs intended to design buildings.
Darwin Day Celebrations
Edyta Zielinska | Feb 13, 2012
As institutions around the world start celebrations of Darwin Day, New York reveals a digitized catalog of Darwin’s scientific manuscripts.
Opinion: No Objections to Nano?
Susanna Priest | Feb 3, 2012
While biotechnology has met with mixed public reactions, to date nanotechnology seems to invoke much less public concern.
Multitude of Misconducts
Megan Scudellari | Feb 2, 2012
A database manager stole NIH grant funds, falsified data, and lied about it.
Book Excerpt from Pathological Altruism
Barbara Oakley, Ariel Knafo, and Michael McGrath | Feb 1, 2012
In Chapter 1, editors Barbara Oakley, Ariel Knafo, and Michael McGrath introduce the concept of well-intentioned behaviors that go awry.
Cyan Wonders
Cristina Luiggi | Feb 1, 2012
In 1842, Anna Atkins, a 43-year-old amateur botanist from Kent, England, began experimenting with a brand-new photographic process called cyanotype or blue-print. 
Female Frontrunners
Jef Akst | Feb 1, 2012
How to successfully surmount the challenges women face in becoming biotech industry leaders