adeno-associated virus, ecology
Opinion: Fishy Deaths
Opinion: Fishy Deaths
Steven Apfelbaum | Oct 29, 2012
Record fish die-offs in the Midwest call for a fresh look at how humans are disrupting the planet’s essential water cycle.
Natural-Born Doctors
Natural-Born Doctors
Sabrina Richards | Oct 23, 2012
Bees, sheep, and chimps are just a few of the animals known to self-medicate. Can they teach us about maintaining our own health?
Opinion: Controlling Invasion
Opinion: Controlling Invasion
Chenghai Yang | Oct 15, 2012
Remote sensing helps control an invasive giant weed that threatens ecosystems and border security.
Behavior Brief
Behavior Brief
Dan Cossins | Oct 9, 2012
A round-up of recent discoveries in behavior research
Beard Beer
Beard Beer
Beth Marie Mole | Oct 4, 2012
A brewmaster is creating a signature concoction using yeast found in his facial hair.
Evolving Dependence
Ruth Williams | Sep 27, 2012
Scientists unravel the confusing molecular biology behind a fruit fly’s reliance on a single type of cactus.
Agriculture-Ecology Initiative Announced
Edyta Zielinska | Sep 18, 2012
The US Department of Agriculture announces a partnership of 10 study sites to help promote long-term research.
A Funding Reboot
Beth Marie Mole | Sep 5, 2012
Scientists ask the NSF to reconsider a granting mechanism they say could hurt junior faculty.
Dogs Improve Beach Sanitation
Edyta Zielinska | Sep 4, 2012
Canines that chase away seagulls have been helping to reduce the amount of bird droppings, which can carry disease and lead to beach closures.
Good Vibrations
Cristina Luiggi | Sep 1, 2012
Researchers are learning how species from across the animal kingdom use seismic signals to mate, hunt, solve territorial disputes, and much more.