brain cancer
Next Generation: Seeing Brain Tumors
Next Generation: Seeing Brain Tumors
Jef Akst | Feb 27, 2014
A new camera system supports the visualization of gliomas stained with Tumor Paint, a chlorotoxin-based imaging agent that’s currently in clinical trials.
Radiation Therapy Damages Neurons
Radiation Therapy Damages Neurons
Chris Palmer | Jul 16, 2013
Cranial irradiation, a common brain cancer treatment, disrupts neural morphology in mice in ways that resemble damage caused by neurodegenerative conditions.
Image of the Day: Cerebral Infiltration
Image of the Day: Cerebral Infiltration
The Scientist Staff | Feb 11, 2013
An illustration depicting the damaging effects of a tumor (red) on structural connections within the brain
Cancer Diet Shared by Healthy Cells
Cancer Diet Shared by Healthy Cells
Beth Marie Mole | Jan 23, 2013
Tumor cells rapidly divide by usurping a metabolic trick from normal cell development.
CT Scans Increase Risk of Cancer
Edyta Zielinska | Jun 7, 2012
Exposure to doses of radiation used in some diagnostics in childhood can triple the risk of brain cancer and leukemia as an adult.
Low Oxygen Saves Irradiated Brain?
Hannah Waters | Jan 18, 2012
Whole brain radiation therapy costs mice some of their cognitive abilities, but treatment with low-oxygen air revives their reasoning skills.
Stem Cells Help Regain Memory
Cristina Luiggi | Jul 14, 2011
For brain cancer patients suffering from cognitive dysfunction due to radiation treatment, stem cells may offer relief.
Cell Phone Debate Continues
Jef Akst | Jul 6, 2011
Just weeks after the World Health Organization declared that mobile phones may cause cancer, a review of the literature finds no evidence to support the claim.