chromosome folding domains, culture
UK Pushes Open Access
Jef Akst | Jul 16, 2012
Starting in April 2013, research supported by the United Kingdom government must be made freely available within 6 months of publication.
Another Victim of Suspicious Data
Jef Akst | Jul 13, 2012
The researcher who raised questions about the studies by social psychologist Dirk Smeesters flags dodgy data from another scientist.
Last Chance for 2012 Salary Survey
The Scientist Staff | Jul 10, 2012
The Scientist has extended the deadline for our survey for another week. Take 5 minutes to help us determine the most current salary data for life scientists.
Anesthesiologist Fabricates 172 Papers
Jef Akst | Jul 3, 2012
A researchers in Japan faked patient data on nearly 200 studies over the past 2 decades, according to an investigating committee.
Capsule Reviews
Bob Grant | Jul 1, 2012
Evolving, The Moral Molecule, Aping Mankind, and Experiment Eleven
Book Excerpt from The Violinist's Thumb: And Other Lost Tales of Love, War, and Genius, As Written By Our Genetic Code
Sam Kean | Jul 1, 2012
In Chapter , "Genes, Freaks, DNA," author Sam Kean draws parallels between the lives of Gregor Mendel and Johannes Friedrich Miescher, who both made scientific discoveries that were truly ahead of their times.
Meeting of the Minds
Mary Beth Aberlin | Jul 1, 2012
New changes at The Scientist will ensure that we continue to showcase the best and brightest ideas in the life sciences.
DNA Truth or Dare
Sam Kean | Jul 1, 2012
Learning the intricacies of your own genetic profile is a double-edged sword.
All’s Not Fair in Science and Publishing
Frederick Southwick | Jul 1, 2012
False credit for scientific discoveries threatens the success and pace of research.
NIH Tackles Racism
Bob Grant | Jun 25, 2012
An advisory committee urges the federal funding agency to take steps to counter racial bias in the granting process.