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Ants Select Better Microbes
Beth Marie Mole | Sep 14, 2012
Researchers identified the 3-step process leaf-cutter ants use to grow helpful bacteria on their bodies.
Bacterial Sentinels of Noses
Ruth Williams | Sep 12, 2012
Friendly sinus bacteria may keep sinusitis-causing strains in check.
Double-Edged TB Drug
Beth Marie Mole | Sep 12, 2012
A cheap pain reliever that can kill drug-resistant, tuberculosis-causing bacteria may never be tested.
Do it Yourself TB Test
Edyta Zielinska | Sep 5, 2012
With a cardboard box, a light source, and some filters, roadside clinics can accurately test for tuberculosis.
A Good Night’s Sleep
Edyta Zielinska | Sep 1, 2012
Sleep-wake cycles affect how well our bodies fight disease.
Flu Fights Dirty
Hayley Dunning | Sep 1, 2012
Mimicking a host-cell histone protein offers flu a sneaky tactic to suppress immune response.
Down and Dirty
Amy Coombs | Sep 1, 2012
Diverse plant communities create a disease-fighting "soil genotype."
Soil Harbors Antibiotic Resistance
Ed Yong | Aug 30, 2012
Identical resistance genes in soil and clinical bacteria hint at dangerous genetic arms trade that is aggravating the antibiotic-resistance crisis.
Resisting TB
Cristina Luiggi | Aug 30, 2012
A study finds that drug-resistant tuberculosis is more prevalent than current estimates suggest.
The Danger of Vaccine Exemptions
Edyta Zielinska | Aug 30, 2012
Are states with less rigorous rules about which children can claim an exception from vaccination in kindergarten putting communities at higher risk of childhood disease?