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Self-cloning Coral
Hannah Waters | Mar 1, 2012
Coral embryos broken apart by waves can continue developing into adult clones.
Coral Clones
Hannah Waters | Mar 1, 2012
The colorful and fragile start to the life of a living reef
Modern Day Mammoth?
Tia Ghose | Dec 6, 2011
Researchers at Japanese and Russian institutions believe cloning a woolly mammoth is within reach.
Cloned Coyotes?
Bob Grant | Oct 18, 2011
Disgraced South Korean scientist Hwang Woo-suk and a team of colleagues claim to have cloned the wild canine.
New Way to Make Embryonic Stem Cells
Amy Coombs | Oct 5, 2011
A breakthrough in somatic cell nuclear transfer opens the possibility of producing human embryonic stem cells with a patient’s own genes.
Speaking of Science
N/A | Oct 1, 2011
A selection of quotes from past issues of The Scientist.
Chinese Miracle Pig Cloned
Bob Grant | Sep 22, 2011
Scientists have cloned a castrated male hog that survived for more than a month buried in the rubble after a massive 2008 earthquake in China.
Ready, Reset, Go
Karen Hopkin | Mar 1, 2011
Rudolf Jaenisch enjoys climbing mountains, rafting rapids, and unraveling the secrets of pluripotency—knowledge that could someday lead to personalized regenerative medicine.